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Since our foundation, We have kept on having our deep affection for the gift of ocean and our customer.


Our company is situated on the east coast of Japan.
The border between Hasaki, Ibaraki Prefecture and Choshi, Chiba Prefecture. We started our business
in 1920’s,
became a corporation in 1977,
And got a license of warehouse business in 1988.

Japan’s East coast is well know as a good place for catching fish,because the Kuroshio Current and
the Kurile Current across each other.
With these fresh and rich resources, we treat them under the strict check of people who stick to
tradition of our local.
And we manufacture excellent products and distribute domestically.
At the same time, we export them overseas and get a good reputation and trust.

Representative Director

Coampany Information

Trade name
Company Name Fujimura co.,LTD.
Established October 1, 1977
Director Shouji Fujimura
Takayuki Fujimura
Masami Hayashizaki
Auditor Kanji Fujimura
Representative Director Kenichiro Fujimura
Address Head Ofiice
8213 Hasaki, Kamisu-city, Ibaraki-Pref 314-0408, JAPAN
Tel +81-479-44-1701

Shinko Factory
2-2 HasakiShinkou, Kamisu-city, Ibaraki-Pref 314-0408, JAPAN
Tel +81-479-44-6174

Kashima Distribution Center
2668-24 Sunayama, Kamisu-city, Ibaraki-Pref 314-0255, JAPAN
Tel +81-479-46-1205

Houyama Fixed Temperature Center
2891-30 Ota, Kamisu-city, Ibaraki-Pref 314-0254, JAPAN
Tel +81-479-40-1170
Main Activities Fresh fish sales.
Frozen process materials fish.
(Domestic-oriented , For export.)

Sardine, Mackerel, Mackerel pike, Anchovy, and Horse mackerel, etc.

Business warehouse.
Cold Storage , Normal Warehouse , Fixed Temperature
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Acquired the certification of“ISO9001”

On our 30th anniversary of company foundation,
We acquired the certification of “ISO9001”
on September 19,2007.

As a new step with this certification,
We all the employees and the officers will make an effort
to offer further high quality products, safety and relief.

Acquired the certification of“ISO9001” Acquired the certification of“ISO9001”
Fujimura co.,LTD.